NQcast83 – Master Balls



Pokemon Go, am I right? Yep, I’m right, and so we spend a lot of time this episode talking about the newest “gaming” sensation. Also, other Pokemon games, like Y and Yellow, which aren’t the same thing if you can believe it. For those of you who don’t care about catching them all, we’ve got Dead Rising 3, Rocksmith, Batman Arkham Knight, Hitman, Dishonored, Battlefront and lots more. Enjoy!

NQcast83 – Master Balls

First half!

  • 1:18 Pokémon Go (This is the month to talk about it, so here we are talking about it!)
  • 25:45 Pokémon Yellow (Maki learns that the actual games are nothing like Go. Also, Gary is a horrible garbage person.)
  • 30:35 Pokémon Y (Harlo likes the upgrades the game has made but is confounded by some lingering old elements. And yeah, he reveals a horrifying secret!)
  • 36:41 Dead Rising 3 (Maki streams the game for a day, which leads to Chuck playing for multiple, multiple days and loving the zombie killfest.)
  • 50:40 Hitman (Again, Maki streams a game he loves, finishing Vampire Magician challenges and murdering Gary Busey.)
  • 1:03:09 Pacman 256 (Chuck plays the Xbox One version and likes Pacman as an endless runner a lot!)
  • 1:07:27 LEGO Jurassic World (Maki gets back to LEGO gaming, but doesn’t like the voice acting in the modern ones.)

Second Half! (1:13:14)

  • 1:13:51 Dishonored (Harlo sneaks and murders his way through both the main storyline and most of the DLC!)
  • 1:24:01 Battlefront: Bespin DLC (BJ enjoys playing as Lando and Dengar. Also, we all know Lobot’s name, which is disturbing.)
  • 1:35:53 Red Dead Redemption (It’s on Xbox One! It’s still awesome! And all but one voice actor is awesome!)
  • 1:38:58 Party Hard (Harlo accepts the challenge and beats this game Maki called “impossible.”)
  • 1:44:59 Playstation Plus Corner!
    • 1:45:25 NBA 2K16 (BJ doesn’t want to simulate playing sports. Sorry, sport sim fans.)
    • 1:55:01 Tropico 5 (It’s fun until it becomes too much of an RTS, sadly.)
  • 2:00:29 Rocksmith (BJ attempts to rock out, but his cord and guitar rebel against him.)
  • 2:05:00 Call of Duty: Ghosts (BJ declares it BJfine™.)
  • 2:09:03 Batman: Arkham Knight (Harlo has finally realized he actually kinda hates this game.)
  • 2:15:12 Mobile Corner!
    • 2:15:21 Klocki (Did you like the puzzles in The Witness? You’ll probably like this game!)
  • 2:18:15 Communications Corner!
    • 2:18:25 Jay from Vegas talks Pinball Hall of Fame and Summer Games Done Quick!


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