NQcast82 – Party of the Blood Dragon



We’re back from Atlanta, GA with tales from our pinball weekend! Also, video games! Ones like Overwatch, Hitman, Trials of the Blood Dragon, Life is Strange, Resident Evil and more. Plus, the hottest of hot takes on E3 2016. Mellow out and like, join us!

NQcast82 – Party of the Blood Dragon

First half!

  • 1:31 Overwatch (Harlo is now your man for Overwatch strategies. Pro tip: get on the objective and don’t use Bastion.)
  • 18:46 Trials of the Blood Dragon (Chuck likes Trials and Far Cry Blood Dragon. Are these two great tastes that taste great together?)
  • 26:26 Joe Danger: Special Edition (You can play it on the Xbox One now, so Chuck checks out the No Man’s Sky developer’s first game. It’s not Trials and it’s not Excitebike. So what is it, exactly?)
  • 29:38 Party Hard (Maki stops parties by murdering people in this brutally difficult novelty game. He doesn’t like it a ton but accidentally sells multiple copies mid-episode anyway.)
  • 41:57 Hitman (Maki decides to murder more people in the Sapienza, Italy DLC mission and mayhem ensues.)
  • 55:18 Life Is Strange (Harlo finishes the final episode and gives this game his highest possible recommendation. Play it!)
  • 1:01:33 Dangerous Golf (Chuck plays Burnout’s crash mode with golf! It feels incomplete, though, which is unfortunate.)

Second Half! (1:09:38)

  • 1:09:50 Dark Souls 3 (Maki beat it! He’s talked about it enough. But he wanted you to know he beat it.)
  • 1:20:31 Resident Evil (Chuck goes back to the original, well, at least the Gamecube version, just on modern systems. Get this man a typewriter ribbon! This also leads to talk of the Silent Hill games.)
  • 1:32:58 Mobile Corner!
    • 1:33:12 Puralax (Maki likes this puzzle game but hello, intrusive ads! Give us the option to give you 99¢ to shut that off, app developers.)
    • 1:36:57 Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (Harlo doesn’t mind this free-to-play since it’s Star Wars and it doesn’t force you to keep buying energy or whatever.)
  • 1:41:31 Pinball Corner! (We regale you with tales of the Southern Fried Pinball Expo in Atlanta. There are plenty of awesome machines there. And 99% of the people were awesome, too!)
  • 2:18:38 E3 Corner! (We regale you with opinions on the stuff coming out and the games we want to play!)
  • 2:48:07 Communications Corner!


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