NQcast80 – Alpha Betas



Lots of betas to talk about this month, including looks at Battleborn, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and DOOM. There’s also actual “finished” games to discuss, like Quantum Break, Hitman, Dark Souls 3, Enter the Gungeon and Trackmania Turbo. Plus, BJ’s here for what must be some kind of consecutive appearance record. Take that, Cal Ripken Jr. Anyway, enjoy!

NQcast80 – Alpha Betas

First half!

  • 1:38 Quantum Break (Cool time machines and a TV show with Iceman and Littlefinger make for an interesting game, but not necessarily a great one.)
  • 23:28 Hitman (Maki loves it because you can kill a dude with an ejector seat or an overhead projector or plenty of other things. Harlo’s not sold on the controls, though.)
  • 33:54 Dark Souls 3 (Maki returns to Lothran and enjoys exploring and dying and summoning and returning to the style of Dark Souls 1.)
  • 49:38 Enter The Gungeon (Harlo ups the difficulty with this gun-punning Binding of Isaac-style rogue-like.)
  • 54:14 The Division (Harlo’s pretty much done after finishing everything outside the dark zone.)
  • 58:27 Beta corner!
    • 59:09 Doom beta (We go back to the ’90s but BJ & Harlo aren’t entirely sold.)
    • 1:08:58 Battleborn beta (Everyone swears it’s not a MOBA but it’s kind of a MOBA, but we’re not impressed either way because it feels so rushed.)
    • 1:16:47 Overwatch beta (Harlo is going with this instead of Battleborn. There you go.)
    • 1:22:01 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst beta (It’s more Mirror’s Edge, but open world now. So we’ll let you determine if that’s a good or bad thing.)

Second Half! (1:32:19)

  • 1:32:30 Pinball FX2 Aliens Vs Pinball (Aliens is definitely the reason to get this pack, but Alien Isolation is pretty good, too.)
  • 1:38:30 Trackmania Turbo (Chuck does a bunch of time trials)
  • 1:44:15 Harlo’s ReSteamening Corner
    • 1:44:41 Broforce (Harlo beats this game a bunch of times for no particular reason.)
    • 1:47:14 Plague, Inc. (Time to play Pandemic in reverse and destroy the planet.)
    • 1:51:25 Poker Night at the Inventory 2 (It might not be a good poker game AI-wise but it’s still fun!)
    • 1:53:51 Lucius (It’s a lot like Hitman but way more sadistic!)
  • 2:00:08 Controller talk (We like the Steam controller but are ready for a Dualshock with removable batteries.)
  • 2:04:47 Uncharted 1 & 2 Remastered (The first game hasn’t aged particularly well, but the second one seems to solve all the problems with the first one.)
  • 2:09:58 Ori and the Blind Forest (Maki realizes the design of this game is brutal in a bad way, despite the gorgeous artwork.)
  • 2:14:17 The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Chuck isn’t crazy about this walking simulator. It’s barely ChuckFine™.)
  • 2:17:25 Mobile Corner!
    • 2:17:37 Super Hexagon (Simplicity is sometimes the best way to make a game addictive.)
    • 2:19:14 Soda Dungeon (Maki puts far, far too many hours into this Final Fantasy dungeon crawler free game. TOO MANY HOURS.)
    • 2:26:13 Miitomo (Chuck surrenders his personal information to Nintendo in this Mii-styled marketing phishing app thing.)
  • 2:32:44 Playstation Plus Corner!
    • 2:33:08 Shutshimi (It’s a pixelart side-scroller! Never seen one of those on PS Plus before.)
    • 2:35:36 Zombi (This Wii U port is a good bit of fun.)
    • 2:38:16 Dark Star (It’s a live action boardgame, but good luck finding people to play with.)
  • 2:42:28 Communications Corner!
    • 2:42:51 Hunter talks about Tales From The Borderlands!
    • 2:46:15 Moon wrote us some garbage tweets.
    • 2:46:45 Adderblack39 asks us what our favorite unscripted moments in games are.


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