NQcast76 – The Sweet Nutcracker



Games season is upon us and holy f*ckb@alls do we have a lot of g*ddamn!d games to talk about! Games like Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Call of Duty Black Ops III, Need for Speed, Guitar Hero Live, WWE 2K16, Halo 5: Guardians, Assassins Creed Syndicate and more! Join us for three hours of nonstop video game talk!

Note: Episode contains an extra amount of profanity this month for reasons we still do not as of yet understand. Shit.

NQcast76 – The Sweet Nutcracker

First half!

  • 1:51 Fallout 4 (Harlo and Maki return to the wasteland, but wonder if the game belongs in this generation. Console generation, that is.)
  • 19:41 Rise of the Tomb Raider (Chuck enjoys the continuing story of a woman raiding tombs. And also shooting bad dudes in the brain with arrows.)
  • 31:43 Halo 5: Guardians (Maki returns to the world of the Master Chief, though he’s barely played as the Master Chief. Warzone multiplayer is pretty fun, though!)
  • 42:13 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (Harlo heads back into the animus and likes the setting and grappling hook but has no love for urchins.)
  • 52:13 Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Chuck says it’s not the best Call of Duty game, but it’s definitely the best Terminator game!)
  • 1:03:37 Need For Speed (Chuck wonders why we need to be connected online to see FMV acting that’s not bad enough to be fun, and racing so precise you end up not having fun.)
  • 1:09:23 Guitar Hero Live (Harlo and Chuck learn a new way to fake play guitar, and it’s not bad! The setlist is, though.)
  • 1:19:13 Jackbox Party Pack 2 (It has Quiplash XL in it, so if you don’t already have the game, buy this! Bomb Corp is fun too!)

Second Half! (1:25:09)

  • 1:25:22 Steam Controller (Harlo got one! It’s cool but it will take a LOT of getting used to.)
  • 1:29:59 Xbox One Elite Controller (Maki tries out this heavily customizable controller and likes it, but doesn’t $150 like it, unfortunately.)
  • 1:36:26 WWE 2K16 (Chuck and Harlo recommend a pass on this Steve Austin simulator, just with a lot less violence.)
  • 1:44:38 Rebel Galaxy (It’s like AC4 Black Flag’s ship combat, but in space! But that’s about it. Sad face.)
  • 1:50:10 Transformers Devastation (Maki enjoys the graphics, audio and presentation, but everything else feels like a budget game.)
  • 1:55:55 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Harlo made it to the end! The real end! Kind of. Why did they duplicate everything for Chapter 2, though?)
  • 2:01:37 Mad Max (Chuck really enjoyed the ending! Shame about the 20 hours that came before it.)
  • 2:06:42 Megamind: Ultimate Showdown (Chuck says it’s a Lego game without the collecting! And he got all the achievements, so he got his 99¢ worth.)
  • 2:09:55 Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Corner!
    • 2:10:58 Mirror’s Edge (Maki realizes it’s Halo Speedruns: The Game. This is not a bad thing!)
    • 2:13:29 Fable II (Maki gets an achievement 6 years after his last Fable 2 achievement!)
  • 2:20:16 DLC Corner!
    • 2:20:24 Rock Band 4 DLC update (RB: Green Day came over! Almost everything shows up as purchased if you own it now! Good!)
    • 2:22:47 Batman Arkham Knight ‘60s Batmobile DLC (Maki’s world tour of anger continues, but he at least has a realization about what they’ve been doing with it.)
    • 2:26:13 Pinball FX2: Balls of Fury pack (Archer is pretty good, Family Guy plays the best and the Bob’s Burgers & American Dad tables are pretty much just for fans of the properties.)
  • 2:36:07 E-mail Corner!


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  1. John Musim says:

    Did not expect the Fallout 4 negativity. The intro isn’t great by any means but I’ve already spent more time with it than I did Fallout 3. Honestly your whole conversation freaks me out because I’m a huge Bethesda open world single player game fan and I want them to keep getting money to make them.

    Taking the power armor to a garage and modding it like its a freakin’ hot rod I think is awesome personally.

    My advice: ignore the Minutemen quest (its all crafting and building). Get to Diamond City. Store your crap at Red Rocket Truck Stop. Your power armor is probably marked on the map.

  2. Maki says:

    We’ll definitely be playing more of it (me especially.) I guess it’s just the time investment we know will be required to do anything kind of tempers that anticipation a little bit. For me personally, I know there’s a lot of stuff I need to catch up on before we pick our FOTYs, so I have to put it aside out of sheer necessity. Believe me, I think about where I’m going next in that game while I sit at work, so the hooks are certainly sinking in.

    Bethesda has been very smart in keeping their team sizes low, and the huge sales for Fallout 4 pretty much assure that they’ll get to keep doing that, luckily.

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