NQcast73 – Music References: The Game: The Podcast


The Fab Four of video games have got what you need in this month’s exciting episode. Batman: Arkham Knight will always love you, Styx: Master of Shadows isn’t the best of times, you shouldn’t go, go out and get Godzilla but then why not pump up the volume as we get down with some tabletop games. Go listen to our jive talkin’!

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  1. Alex A says:

    So I need to know right now… Any plans to play Until Dawn? Much like Blood Dragon it’s the perfect crossover between Noquarters and BMFcast but with campy slasher flicks this time. You’ll hate everyone the first sentence they get out, they’ll do ALL the dumb horror movie things and depending on your love of asstagonists you can make them be even bigger dicks to each other. I just know that I watched five minutes of gameplay and I had to stop and unsheathe my wallet because I knew it was made just for me.

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