NQcast67 – You Get a FOTY! And You Get a FOTY!



It’s that time of year again when we hand out the most prestigious awards in the video game industry: The No Quarters FOTY Awards! All your 2014 favorites will get their chance to win the coveted FOTY. And the biggest shitstorms of the year will get called out as we scold the worst scum and villainy in gaming. The 2014 No Quarters FOTY Awards are here!

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  1. Justin Nauss says:

    Loved the Binding of Isaac Love. That game is so weird yet so good.

  2. Paul says:

    Great episode! Here’s the summary:

    00:00:42 Introduction
    00:02:05 Good/Bad Trends for 2014
    00:30:09 Games We Played More Than We (Probably) Should Have
    00:41:33 Best Pre-2014 Game That We Played in 2014
    00:52:44 Biggest Disappointments of the Year
    01:12:45 Best Soundtrack/Sound Design
    01:22:30 Best Section of a Game
    01:35:53 Best Character

    01:43:00 Break

    01:43:50 Addendum to First Half
    01:45:37 2014 Game We Want to Play in 2015
    01:50:31 Second Addendum to First Half
    01:55:15 Honorable Mentions

    Top 5’s
    02:10:13 #5
    02:12:31 #4
    02:18:10 #3
    02:23:04 #2
    02:27:55 #1

    02:37:41 “I’ve Seen Some S#$t, Man”
    02:39:00 Wrap-Up

    02:41:40 End

    03:17:22 BJ wakes in a pool of unmentionable fluids (some not his), wondering if there was somewhere he was supposed to be that day

  3. Maki says:

    Thanks for the notes, Paul! I’ve been slacking this month.

  4. John says:

    Haven’t had much time for podcasts lately but finally got around to the starting the end of the year one. Good on you guys for the Gamergate section!

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