NQcast65 – One Bro Over The Line



Dude, are you bro enough to handle this month’s podcast? We get totally extreme on all the rad new games including Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Sunset Overdrive, Shadow of Mordor, Lords of the Fallen, Forza Horizon 2, Alien Isolation, WWE Supercard and lots more. We’re all doing chin-ups and stomach crunches, brah! COME GET SOME!

NQcast65 – One Bro Over The Line

First half!

  • 1:57 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Harlo and Chuck join the midnight madness and enjoy the future insanity of the newest entry in this obscure indie series.)
  • 19:25 Sunset Overdrive (It’s Xtreme, bro! Chuck and Harlo enjoy it, bro! But the attitude is a bit offputting, bro! Shame it’s not quite as long and as good an investment as you’d like, bro!)
  • 32:45 Alien Isolation (Maki joins the fun, but all of us are disappointed by the jankiness in cutscenes and gameplay that just doesn’t quite give us what we want. But man, that aesthetic is still phenomenal!)
  • 50:43 Lords of the Fallen (Maki plays this shameless clone of Dark Souls. If you need that type of itch scratched, this will do the trick. It’s the Saints Row 1 of this generation!)
  • 59:01 Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Harlo dives deep into this cross between the Batman Arkham games and Assassin’s Creed. It’s awesome, the nemesis system with enemies is awesome, basically everything is awesome.)

Second Half! (1:10:46)

  • 1:10:56 Forza Horizon 2 (Chuck and Harlo can’t stop playing this open-world racer. In all the ways Forza 5 had no personality, this makes it up for us.)
  • 1:24:09 #DRIVECLUB (What the hell happened? How is this game still broken? None of this makes sense.)
  • 1:29:21 The Crew beta (Chuck and Harlo are thinking this game isn’t close to being ready for launch. It feels like Driver San Francisco without the coma stuff, though!)
  • 1:35:06 NBA 2K15 (Harlo scans his face and attempts to become rookie of the year. Neither is particularly successful, though he does get to do the robot!)
  • 1:44:04 Pinball FX2: South Park tables (While they are fun to play, South Park has a bit too much going on, and the Butters table is better. However, Zen Studios needs to back off using the voice samples for EVERYTHING EVER.)
  • 1:51:09 PS Plus Corner!
    • 1:51:24 Pix The Cat (Maki has fun, but Harlo doesn’t find much to like in this Pac Man: CE/Snake combination. Play it on Vita!)
    • 1:52:57 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Again, Maki likes it, everyone else is a bit turned off by the gross aesthetic of this Zelda twin-stick shooter.)
    • 1:58:31 Dust: An Elysian Tale (Harlo LOVES this Metroidvania game. It’s available on pretty much any system, so get a copy.)
    • 2:01:31 Luftrausers (Man, this game is ugly! Maki’s still not sure if he likes it, though.)
  • 2:06:06 Mobile Corner!
    • 2:06:19 WWE Supercard (We all have gone nuts playing this game far too much. People in the higher ranks have built unbeatable decks using a cheap strategy, which made some of us quit. Patch the thing, 2K!)
  • 2:17:30 E-mail Corner!
    • 2:17:44 Jay from California makes the case for going back to Borderlands 2.
    • 2:24:13 Moonpir has some Destiny talk, Microsoft exclusivity talk, and wonders what games we play while chatting or listening to podcasts.
    • 2:32:54 Dave AKA Robopig wonders what we think about the Halo collection and what next-gen features we’re still waiting to see.
    • 2:40:12 Cory is getting a “real” job and wonders how we manage our time to play the games we want to play with a career.
    • 2:45:36 Greencapt wants to know if we’re going to Free Play Florida on November 21-23 in Orlando, Florida. Yes, we are! Book your tickets and join us!


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