NQcast64 – Winona Ryder’s Sex Noises



We found BJ, you guys! He’s back, and so are we to talk about Destiny, Diablo III, D4, WWE Supercard, Sportsfriends, pinball, and lots of assorted random bits. Welcome to video game season.

NQcast64 – Winona Ryder’s Sex Noises

First half!

  • 2:02 Destiny (Harlo, Chuck and BJ experience the disappointment from lack of loot, free-to-play mechanics and terraforming.)
  • 30:36 Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (Maki and Harlo enjoy their lootfest on PS4, with everything streamlined into an almost-perfect arcade game form.)
  • 40:47 Dance Central Spotlight (Maki is somewhat disappointed by how stripped down this version of Dance Central has become. Eventually we talk about the future of music games.)
  • 49:06 D4 (Chuck enjoys the newest game from Swery, creator of Deadly Premonition! It’s weird as hell, but it’s his type of weird.)
  • 55:40 NHL 15 (Chuck hasn’t played a hockey game in ages, but he enjoys the core gameplay of the newest NHL. But does it have a zamboni intermission game?)
  • 1:00:55 NBA 2K14 (Harlo continues his journey into JRPG and picks fights with other players, eventually ending their careers. It’s a dark game, man.)
  • 1:07:08 Battlefield 4 (BJ and Chuck have very different experiences on PS4 & Xbox One. BJ trolls people into liking him in multiplayer and Chuck reminds us that single player is still dumb!)

Second Half! (1:24:14)

  • 1:24:46 The Walking Dead: Season 2 (Chuck likes it, but Season 1 was a tough act to follow.)
  • 1:29:33 Pinball FX2 on Xbox One (Maki and Chuck transfer their tables and play some more fakey pinball and master Sorceror’s Lair! And also make achievement video clips.)
  • 1:37:57 Pinball Arcade (BJ, Chuck and Maki play more fake real pinball tables and discover the Vita version is actually not bad, though we all continue to question Farsight’s business decisions.)
  • 1:45:53 Peggle 2 (Maki discovers it’s more Peggle, but with overscan on his TV, for some reason!)
  • 1:49:10 Sportsfriends (Harlo and BJ get in pole fights! Thanks, PS+!)
  • 1:54:00 Halo: Spartan Assault (Chuck plays this twin-stick shooter while he waits for other stuff to load. It’s a decent diversion.)
  • 1:56:52 Maki’s quest for 100,000 points (Plenty of really, really hard games were played, but this story has a happy ending! At least for him, not for Microsoft.)
  • 2:02:47 Demolition! (desc)
    • 2:03:01 PT (Harlo poops himself in the Silent Hills teaser.)
    • 2:08:43 Forza Horizon 2 (Chuck and Harlo pretty much get instasold on this game just playing the demo.)
    • 2:18:28 Super Smash Bros for 3DS (Maki still doesn’t get why people love Smash Bros so much. Stand in the center and hit B or A and point in the direction of an enemy. Win.)
  • 2:25:47 Mobile Corner! (desc)
    • 2:26:11 WWE Supercard (We all experience the insanity of the WWE card game. We hate that we keep playing it, but we keep playing it. Dolph Ziggler forever!)
    • 2:42:25 Swing Copters (Maki doesn’t like it since movement feels too random, unlike Flappy Bird. Delete.)
  • 2:44:05 E-mail Corner!
    • 2:44:51 Jay from California tells us about his experience buying a Genesis and loving it.
    • 2:46:47 Brian from Atlanta wants to know if it’s worth getting a Wii U.
    • 2:50:23 Pierre wants to know our favorite single player campaign games.
    • 2:53:54 Cory feels guilty about trading in games and wonders what we do.



  1. MUSIM says:

    I’ll get to talk about Destiny on my own platform next weekend but just wanted to comment a little.

    I loved the whole level weapon up system. But to me Destiny isn’t really a loot game. Its really just Halo with some RPG mechanics on it minus a story the developers cared about. In a game like Borderlands I literally don’t care about my weapons. They’re just inventory clutter that will be replaced with more inventory clutter.

    I think all of the criticism you guys talked about is entirely valid. Personally, I like the game a lot but then again I can’t get online with friends messaging me to play it. This has NEVER happened for me in videogames. Halo Reach was as close as it got.

    I know you all wrote it off and I think Maki’s the only one I ever managed to play a game with and I might just be remembering wrong, but if anyone wants to hop in a game and do some bounties or the weekly missions hit me up. In my opinion, if you treat this as an FPS multiplayer shooter first and an RPG last you’ll like it better.

    Also I don’t think its fair to compare it to Diablo 3 but eh, I’m not a Diablo 3 fan. Well, I mean I love it couch co-op but other than that I can play the game entirely on autopilot which is a big turn off for me.

  2. MUSIM says:

    Sorry that was suppose to read “I can’t get online without friends messaging me to play it”.

  3. MUSIM says:

    Also request: Please dear god read some of the hatemail you get from Maki’s Smash Brothers rant! Had me laughing my butt off!

  4. Maki says:

    Don’t worry, I will gladly include any and all hate mail. Also, I think Destiny is being treated like a loot game because that is basically all anyone refers to when discussing it on Twitter. Even today I see people posting screenshots of whatever gear they got. The patch notes basically refer only to loot. I’d say that qualifies it as a loot game?

  5. MUSIM says:

    I’d say its as much a loot game as a Final Fantasy or Mass Effect. I mean, I guess if all games with inventory systems are loot games then it qualifies. For me, there’s a big difference with a game like Diablo or Borderlands where enemies spew so much loot its kind of antagonizing on death versus games like Final Fantasy where you’re more concerned about experience or Mass Effect where you’re more concerned about how you play.

  6. MUSIM says:

    I give, I’m wrong. Its about loot. I still think its a different kind of loot envy than Diablo or Borderlands but I am wrong.

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