NQcast62 – E-Threes



Games will see you next year.

Another E3 has come and gone, and we’ve got a lot to say about that! But first we have to talk about games you can actually play RIGHT NOW, including Watch_Dogs, Wolfenstein, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Dark Souls, Van Helsing II and Threes (recently announced for the Xbox One!). And we test out some upcoming games like Destiny, Battlefield: Hardline and EA’s new UFC game. Then, GET HYPED FOR PINBALL, SON! Come and bask in the warm glow of our video game opinions.

NQcast62 – E-Threes

First half!

  • 1:22 Destiny (alpha) (Harlo takes Maki’s code and discovers he may have found a replacement for Borderlands!)
  • 11:50 Wolfenstein (Chuck likes it quite a bit, since you get to kill lots of nazis! But Harlo doesn’t get why it reviewed so well.)
  • 25:20 Watch Dogs (We all wonder where the hype went, and why everyone expects so much more from this game, aside from it being fun.)
  • 38:40 Mario Kart 8 (Chuck takes his Wii U out for a spin and enjoys playing the game, but feels it’s not as good as Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed.)
  • 44:02 Murdered: Soul Suspect (Chuck enjoys the weirdness of this B-tier game, though you can tell exactly where the budget pokes through.)
  • 50:34 Stick It To The Man (Harlo and Chuck kind of like this weird combination of Toejam and Earl with Psychonauts. Sort of. They’re glad it came through PS Plus and they didn’t buy it. Turn on your PS4 controller speaker, by the way!)
  • 56:17 Battlefield: Hardline (beta) (While some of us like Battlefield, it doesn’t sound like any of us will be buying this. Should it have been simply DLC? Or had more hard boiled detectives?)
  • 1:01:29 Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II (Harlo still likes this Diablo-esque game, though he doesn’t understand why it starts out as a MOBA.)
  • 1:05:57 Goat Simulator (The new paaaaaaaatch adds multiplayer and a new map! If you don’t have it yet,you should. Just make sure you’ve upgraded your PC recently…)
  • 1:09:30 EA UFC demo (Harlo is shocked that he really, really loved this demo and wants to play this game as soon as he can get it cheap!)
  • 1:13:26 Dark Souls Corner (Maki’s adventures continue as he comes close to finishing the game and dealing with Ceaseless Discharge in the Bed of Chaos!)
  • 1:24:26 Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Maki realizes he enjoys the top-down Zeldas way more than the 3D ones.)
  • 1:27:45 Threes (Harlo and Maki compete to get higher than a 768 combo! Can either succeed?)

Second Half! E3 talk!(1:31:39)

  • 1:32:46 Microsoft!
    • 1:33:09 Forza Horizon 2 (It’s more Forza Horizon, so count us in!)
    • 1:36:06 Sunset Overdrive (Despite Poochie making a cameo to start the intro video, this Insomniac game looks like a ton of fun!)
    • 1:37:42 Super Ultra Dead Rising 3: Arcade Remix: Hyper Edition: EX plus α’(Count us in, even if you can never find it on the Xbox.com site.)
    • 1:40:11 Magicka 2 (Harlo can’t wait for this one, and we all love us some wacky Magicka action!)
    • 1:41:08 Crackdown 3 (We don’t care if Crackdown 2 was disappointing, count us in for more Crackdown! Especially if we can knock over buildings!)
    • 1:43:55 Halo Collection (Chuck is definitely interested in replaying these games, especially in a super-nice package on the One.)
    • 1:45:42 Cuphead (1930s Disney animation in a side-scrolling shooter? Count us in.)
  • 1:47:15 EA!
    • 1:47:40 Star Wars Battlefront (Hey, show us something aside from concept art! Guess it’ll be cool in 2017, though.)
    • 1:49:13 Bioware stuff (Guess Mass Effect won’t come out for a while, either… We’ll just have to listen to the soundtrack for a couple years until then.)
    • 1:50:08 Criterion’s unnamed game (Can you attach a GoPro camera to it? It’s probably in this game, then.)
    • 1:51:22 Mirror’s Edge 2 (Looks like more Mirror’s Edge!)
    • 1:51:58 The Sims 4 (Hey EA, you don’t have to talk down to people that like The Sims. Honest.)
  • 1:54:31 Ubisoft!
    • 1:54:52 Far Cry 4 (We can’t wait to play this game. That’s all you need to hear.)
    • 1:56:01 Assassin’s Creed: Unity (We can’t wait to co-op through this game. We just wish all the other issues surrounding its presentation didn’t overshadow how good it looks.)
  • 1:59:35 Sony!
    • 2:01:45 Bloodborne (Maki can’t wait for this game! Give him the game now!)
    • 2:02:36 Far Cry 4 co-op (BJ doesn’t even have to buy this game to play with us! Sounds cool, provided it works how we think it will.)
    • 2:03:57 Grim Fandango HD (A playable version of one of the best games ever? Sure! That came completely out of left field, though.)
    • 2:05:15 No Man’s Sky (We are all pumped for this game, and hopefully it lives up to what we want from it.)
    • 2:08:52 Playstation TV (You will sell this to every husband who has to share a TV, Sony. Take notes!)
    • 2:10:09 Mortal Kombat X (Looks great, looks like more moves and styles. We will play it!)
    • 2:10:47 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Big lead designers may have left, but it’s still Uncharted, so we’re still gonna play it!)
  • 2:11:47 Nintendo!
    • 2:14:52 Zelda (Wow! Open world! A new concept!)
    • 2:16:00 Bayonetta 2 (Hey, you get Bayonetta 1 also! Cool!)
    • 2:16:39 Splatoon (Multiplayer fun! On a Nintendo system? Wow!)
    • 2:17:11 Mario Maker (It sounds like a great use of the Wii U controller, but will the cream rise to the top!)
    • 2:20:11 Abraham Lincoln Vs Aliens thing (It’s not Metroid, but it still sounds pretty cool! Now give us a new Metroid Prime!)
    • 2:23:37 Super Smash Bros (More goofy stuff! Pac Man!)
    • XX Games (talking)
  • 2:26:30 Oculus Rift, Morpheus, and Google Glass (Social stigmas matter to some of us. Not to others.)
  • 2:30:27 E-mail Corner!
    • 2:30:35 Ryan AKA Tunnelman talks Polygon (We talk about Polygon, too!)
    • 2:39:47 Brian from Atlanta wants to know what we think about Season Pass DLC. (It’s gotten worse, and it’s a bummer.)
    • 2:47:15 Cory wants to know which genres have changed for us over time. (Our tastes have changed, but not as much as we figured.)
    • 2:53:01 Kyle has words for Free To Play games. (Some of them work, but others don’t. We just don’t want them replacing our normal games.)
  • 2:58:25 Public Service Announcement Corner!
    • Southern Fried Gameroom Expo, June 20-22 in Atlanta, GA (If you want to play classic arcade and pinball games, Chuck and Harlo will be there! )
    • Chuck was on Phoneix Down podcast, talking about Catherine! (http://www.ztgd.com/media/phoenix-down-27-0-catherine/)



  1. DarthSeaBass says:

    I don’t know when they did it, but they finally fixed Pinball Arcade on Vita!! Medieval Madness no longer runs like puke. Our pinball prayers have been heard by the pinball Gods!!

  2. DarthSeaBass says:

    (great show by the way)

  3. musim says:

    When the free to play hit I started telling myself “Someone else can have an opinion that is different than yours, you don’t have to reply.” and then you guys didn’t bash on Warframe! But I have given Warframe money for colors and scarfs and things. Well, and inventory space (which you could get by selling rare items on the market). But 450 hours versus maybe $100 spent? Better ratio than I had with Skyrim. Also please don’t think I love Warframe more than Skyrim.

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