NQcast58 – Tossed Salads and Scrambled FOTYs



2013 comes to an end and we celebrate it the only way we know how… by giving out silly awards! Join in the frivolity as we debate things like Best Moment, Best Non-2013 Game We Played in 2013 and the ultimate category Favorites Of The Year aka The FOTYs.


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  1. John says:

    Listening to Harlo talk about “you don’t have to spend money on the figures to play the game” on Skylanders sounds uncomfortably like me trying to convince people to play Warframe.

    I got a new phone and my Tiny Death Star save wasn’t backed up to the cloud. Will never play it again.

    I’ve spent money on Warframe but it wasn’t out of frustration. They had a 50% off sale. Still have spent less on Warframe than I have on Skyrim or Borderlands 2 and I have a similar hour investment. The problem with Warframe is it doesn’t explain shit. It gets newbies money because they don’t learn the systems because they don’t know they’re there.

    Its probably a credit card thing. Are you capable of owning a credit card and not using it? I think that’s the free game test.

  2. Paul says:

    First Half

    00:00:54 Introductions

    00:02:08 Pleasant Surprises / Overlooked Games
    00:26:18 Biggest Disappointments of the Year
    00:45:25 Weirdest-Ass Game We’ve Played
    01:01:57 Games We Played More Than We Probably Should Have

    01:19:55 Trends We’ve Noticed: The Good and Bad
    01:20:11 * The Bad
    01:48:05 * The Good

    Second Half (01:54:55)

    01:55:04 Best Pre-2013 Game We Played in 2013
    02:00:16 The 2013 Games We Want to Play in 2014
    02:05:15 Best Soundtrack
    02:12:32 Best Section of a Game
    02:23:00 Best Character
    02:32:02 Best DLC
    02:38:15 Best Downloadable Games

    02:46:04 The Favorites List
    02:46:08 * Honorable Mentions
    02:54:27 * Maki’s Favorites
    03:02:34 * Chuck’s Favorites
    03:06:39 * Whats-his-nuts’ Favorites
    03:12:25 * Harlo’s Favorites

    03:18:00 Favorites Discussion + Looking Forward to 2014
    03:24:24 Wrap-Up

  3. Maki says:

    Thanks, Paul! As you can guess, life has gotten in the way of me doing show notes like I usually do…

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