NQcast57 – You’re Off the Forza


Time to welcome Generation Eight of video gaming! After an exhaustive look at Generation Seven last episode which ended with that garbage being taken out to the curb, the crew returns to review both the Xbox One and the PS4 along with lots of the new games including Call of Duty Ghosts, Ryse Son of Rome, Knack, Killzone Shadow Fall, Forza Motorsport 5, Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals, NBA 2K14 and more. The future is now, you loose cannons!



  1. musim says:

    Yeah I’m a big Warframe fan. It definitely has a lot of jank but they are consistently improving it. Its essentially an indie game. It also helps to view it as a third person action RPG with a huge emphasis on crafting and modding. Everything in the game is craftable, its just a matter of finding the blueprints and resources.

    The game also doesn’t explain itself worth a damn. If anyone of you want to meet up for a session I’d be up for it. My PS4 character sucks ass but I’m up for it.

    Also if you’re not using your powers constantly then you’re going to get bored really quick, especially with those starter weapons. I should also mention, spending $20 whenever it gives you the buy platinum for 50% log in prize is a good idea in my opinion.

    They’re about to roll out update 11 for PS4 which improves a ton of stuff. Its a 700 meg update on PC. I should also mention, Excalibur is a crap frame. If you’re goal is to kill lots of enemies as quickly as possibly at the beginning of the game then choose Mag and spam your Pull power. Loki is good but you won’t get the highest kill count until much later in the game. Excalibur is still crap.

    Once you figure out the party dynamic and how the different frame’s powers benefit the team it gets a lot more fun.

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