NQcast53 – Captain Laptop’s Teabagged Maps


Step one: Cut a hole in the map...

The Steam Summer Sale has concluded and we talk about our booty, yarr, including Torchlight 2, Shadowrun Returns, Organ Trail, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Prison Architect, Antichamber and others. Chuck attempts to find some fun with Grand Theft Auto 4 (spoiler: he doesn’t) and Maki gives both that and Saints Row the Third a whirl. And everyone’s favorite BJ returns to deliver some Tales From Ingress, which is a mobile game for a few relevant mobile devices.

NQcast53 – Captain Laptop’s Teabagged Maps


First half!

  • 3:14 GameWarp 2013 (Pinball time! We now love Swords of Fury and hate BW3s. We also checked out Player 1 Barcade in Orlando. A good time was had by all!)
  • 21:57 3DS Streetpass Games (Being at a gaming convention leads to us getting tons of streetpasses and buying all the pay games! The verdict is not to bother with Flower Town, but the other 3 are worth it!)
  • 34:37 Shadowrun Returns (Harlo gives this cyberpunk strategy game the thumbs up, voice acting or not!)
  • 40:06 Organ Trail (Remember Oregon Trail? Did you think it didn’t have enough zombies? Well, if you said yes, friend, Harlo has the game for you!)
  • 43:58 Grand Theft Auto 4 & Saints Row 3 (Chuck and Maki make the journey back to GTA4, which has not aged well. Maki begins his journey through Saints Row 3, comparing them as he goes. This leads to discussion of how to design an open world and our hopes for the upcoming sequels.)
  • 1:07:50 Surgeon Simulator 2013 (Did you like QWOP but wished there was more precise surgical action in it? Well, friend, have we got the game for you! It’s stupid and impossible, but fun.)
  • 1:13:48 Prison Architect (Harlo enjoys this Dungeon Keeper/Evil Genius style game in a prison. Fun bugs and moral quandaries abound! Keep an eye out for a No Quarters character who might make an appearance!)
  • 1:17:38 Killing Floor (Do you like Gears of War’s horde mode? Do you like Left 4 Dead? Well, friend, Harlo has another game for you!)
  • 1:20:09 Monaco (A pixel art heist game? Sign us up!)

Second Half! (1:23:58)

  • 1:24:18 Dragon Age II (Chuck beats DA2, and realizes there wasn’t as much there as he was expecting. Except for a horrible decision at the end!)
  • 1:33:45 Torchlight II (Harlo finishes the story and likes the world a lot more this time! Do you clickclickclick or do you click and hold? Yes, you are being judged.)
  • 1:44:45 FTL: Faster Than Light (BJ gets into it more and more, but Harlo approaches Outliers level with his hours and hours of FTL experience.)
  • 1:47:23 Top Gun: Hard Lock (Chuck enters the DANGER ZONE but wants a soundtrack to accompany his QTE feats. Play the first half of the game, quit when it takes too long to beat a mission!)
  • 1:57:00 Injustice: Gods Among Us (Harlo loses all his progress because he doesn’t want to save on his hard drive. Figure this out, NeverRealm! Also, figure it out for the next gen, Microsoft!)
  • 2:07:15 Antichamber (Harlo is Anti-ThisGame! Get it? Needless to say, he doesn’t like this ARG-mechanics game.)
  • 2:10:14 DLC Quest (It may be all in service of a joke, but it’s a fun joke. And besides, it’s only a few bucks. Less than most DLC!)
  • 2:12:16 Mobile Corner!
    • 2:12:30 Transformers Legends (Maki finally quits on this game after the freemium model reveals itself as the evil bloodsucker it is.)
    • 2:16:02 Ingress (BJ’s adventures in Ingress involve meeting new human beings in real life! Only one brandishes weapons at him. Amazing!)
  • 2:26:46 3DS Corner!
    • 2:27:10 Super Mario 3D Land (Chuck is happy to have a game that actually makes the 3D part of the gameplay!)
    • 2:29:54 Fire Emblem: Awakening (Maki loses his healer to permadeath and decides Classic mode isn’t for him. Casual FTW!)
    • 2:33:29 Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Harlo gets some music from KK Slider! Just don’t tell anybody!)
  • 2:35:10 Vita Corner!
    • 2:35:38 Chuck gets a Vita! (New sales prices and PS Plus spur Chuck to pick one up and marvel at this handheld for a different age.)
  • 2:42:47 E-mail Corner!
    • 2:42:54 Jay from California wants to know which preorders we’ve made for the next gen systems! (Sleeping_Dogs is the big winner, Assassin’s Creed IV is still up for debate.)
    • 2:47:50 Scott from Dallas talks about Streetpassing at Quakecon! (The moral of the story is to spend your coins.)
    • 2:50:14 Mr. Z. wants to know which Jurassic Park game we would make if we were able to! (How are there so many Jurassic Park games!?)
    • 2:56:34 Tunnelman wants to know what video game-related toys and trinkets we own! (We own a lot of crap, but most of it came with collector’s editions of games. Also, we learn how to make an aged pirate map. Hint, teabag it!)



  1. musim says:

    Shadowruns does not have voice acting. That is so awesome that Harlo didn’t realize it!

    Really enjoyed the GTA / Saints discussion.

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