NQcast45 – Seeking A FOTY For The End Of The World



If you’re reading this before December 21st, 2012, hurry the eff up and listen to our Favorites Of The Year episode before the world ends! Be quick and hear us debate the merits of The Walking Dead, Borderlands 2, Forza Horizon, Far Cry 3, Spec Ops: The Line, Asura’s Wrath and many, many more. There’s not much time left, so be sure to make this the last thing you put in your ears before kablooey times.

If you’re reading this after December 21st, 2012… well then everything is obviously fine so please listen at your leisure. Sorry for that letter we wrote to you calling you all kinds of names, figuring it would never get delivered since we were all going to die. Why the hell did we mail that thing…


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  1. Blair Russell says:

    This episode certainly was lengthy, but it was never boring. Many interesting things were discussed and I did enjoy the talk of the gaming trends that should and should not exist.

    It also provided me with suggestions I may be using soon; as of now I am leaning towards soon after Christmas finally joining this century and getting a new gaming console. I know it won’t be a Wii or a Wii U, but otherwise… I doubt I’ll be doing much online; I’ll be happy with Single Player Mode. I’ll just be glad to finally play all of the quality games that have been mentioned in the history of this show.

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