NQcast32 – America’s Top FOTY


It’s time for the 2011 FOTYs (Favortes of the Year)! Many games and categories for games are discussed. Come enjoy the best of 2011 and more. As always, show notes with further details after the break.


NQcast32 – ‘America’s Top FOTY’ Show Notes

Entire Half: FOTYs!

  • Biggest Disappointment of 2011
    • Duke Nukem (Harlo & BJ’s pick)
    • X-Men Destiny (Maki’s pick)
    • Dead Space 2 Severed DLC
    • LA Noire’s 3rd act
    • Battlefield 3 (Chuck’s pick)
    • Bulletstorm’s dialogue
    • DC Universe Online
    • BJ’s Year of Game
    • Maki’s Game Rationing Failure
    • PSN getting hacked
    • Assassin’s Creed Revelations taking a step backward
    • Diablo 3 not coming out in 2011
    • Mass Effect 3 not coming out in 2011 (kinda, and story spoilers getting out)
  • Most Pleasant Surprise of 2011
    • Driver San Francisco (Maki’s pick)
    • LA Noire’s DLC pricing
    • Mortal Kombat being awesome
    • Captain America: Super Soldier being good! (Harlo’s pick)
    • The fact that Magicka Vietnam exists
    • Magicka DLC in general (BJ’s pick)
    • Fight Night Champion’s Champion Mode
    • Enthusiasm for Saints Row The Third (Chuck’s pick)
  • “Blonde in a Bar” (Pretty game, but lacking substance)
    • Child of Eden (Maki’s pick)
    • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (Harlo’s pick)
    • Modern Warfare 3’s single player campaign
    • Marvel Vs Capcom 3
  • Most Overlooked Game of 2011
    • WWE All-Stars (Chuck’s pick)
    • Captain America Super Soldier
    • Driver San Francisco (Maki’s pick)
    • Rage (Harlo’s pick)
    • You Don’t Know Jack (BJ’s pick)
  • The Stargroves (Favorite Soundtrack of 2011)
    • LA Noire (Maki’s pick)
    • Driver San Francisco
    • Rayman Origins
    • Shift 2 Unleashed (Chuck’s pick)
    • Deus Ex Human Revolution
    • House of the Dead Overkill Extended Edition (Harlo’s pick)
    • Saints Row the Third
    • Portal 2 (BJ’s pick)
  • Weirdest-ass game we played in 2011
    • Vin Diesel Wheelman (Chuck’s pick)
    • Tornado Outbreak
    • Kung Fu Rider (Maki’s pick)
    • Naughty Bear
    • Bayonetta (Harlo’s pick)
    • Deadly Premonition
    • Train Simulator’s over $1000 worth of DLC (BJ’s pick)
    • Catherine Demo
  • Games We Played More Than We Probably Should Have in 2011
    • Tornado Outbreak (Maki’s pick)
    • Vin Diesel Wheelman (Chuck’s pick)
    • Game Dev Story
    • Plants Vs Zombies (Harlo’s pick)
    • Torchlight (BJ’s pick)
  • Favorite Pre-2011 Game We Played In 2011
    • X-Men Origins Wolverine (Maki’s pick)
    • Battlefield Bad Company, Singularity, Wolfenstein (Chuck’s picks)
    • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (Harlo’s pick)
    • Far Cry 2 (BJ’s pick)
  • Favorite Re-release of 2011
    • Ico/Shadow of the Colossus (Harlo & Maki’s pick)
    • Dead Space Extraction
    • X-Men Arcade
    • God of War Origins Collection
  • Favorite Character of 2011
    • Wheatley from Portal 2 (Maki’s pick)
    • Space and Adventure Orbs from Portal 2
    • Cookie Masterson & Billy O’Brien from You Don’t Know Jack (Chuck’s pick)
    • Rusty Galloway in LA Noire
    • Zimos the Pimp in Saints Row The Third
    • Mayor Burt Reynolds in Saints Row The Third
    • Charlie Cutter in Uncharted 3
    • Andre Bishop from Fight Night Champion (Harlo’s pick)
    • The Penguin from Batman Arkham City
    • Augustus Cole Train from Gears of War 3 (BJ’s pick)
  • Favorite DLC of 2011
    • LA Noire Season Pass
    • Marvel Tables for Pinball FX2 (Harlo’s pick)
    • Call of the Dead for Call of Duty: Black Ops
    • Pac Man Fever album for Rock Band 3 (Chuck’s pick)
    • Season pass for Forza 4 (BJ’s pick)
    • Wavy Tube Man Chronicles for The Gunstringer (Maki’s pick)
  • Favorite Downloadable Game of 2011
    • Magicka (BJ & Maki’s pick)
    • Torchlight XBLA
    • Burnout Crash (Harlo & Chuck’s pick)
    • Full House Poker
  • 2011 Game We Want To Play In 2012
    • Shadows of the Damned (Maki’s pick)
    • Skyrim (BJ’s pick)
    • Dead Island (Chuck’s pick)
    • Saints Row The Third  (everybody’s pick)
  • Favorites of the Year for 2011 (THE FOTYs)
    • Maki’s picks
      • Dead Space 2
      • Mortal Kombat
      • Gears of War 3
      • Batman Arkham City (Maki’s FOTY)
      • Forza 4
    • BJ’s picks
      • Magicka
      • Forza 4 (BJ’s FOTY)
      • Portal 2
      • Torchlight XBLA
      • You Don’t Know Jack
    • Chuck’s picks
      • Batman Arkham City
      • Deus Ex Human Revolution
      • LA Noire
      • Saints Row The Third (Chuck’s FOTY)
      • You Don’t Know Jack
    • Harlo’s picks
      • Gears of War 3
      • Batman Arkham City
      • Portal 2
      • Saints Row The Third
      • Skyrim (Harlo’s FOTY)

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  1. MusiM says:

    I’m willing to bet the PC version of Diablo 3 comes out before the console versions.but that might be the PC elitist in me talking. Plus I think Blizzard went on record saying that.

    Portal 2 had fantastic sound engineering. Using the different synthesizer patches for the different goos was pretty awesome.

  2. Brahmovermind says:

    You guys forgot to mention the greatest character of all time: Groose.
    Starts off as a total dick, but as the game progresses turns into a total bro.

  3. Maki says:

    We have a good excuse for that! None of us played Skyward Sword. It’s on Wii, and, well, I’m not even sure where the Wii remote is. Or the Wii, for that matter. It’s sit on the shelf for so long with its single red light that I think it has melded with the entertainment center. That or it died of loneliness. Either way, none of use has experienced Skyward Sword’s 6-hour tutorial area.

  4. Chuck says:

    I just shipped off my Wii to Amazon. Maybe the WiiU will come with Skyward Sword as a pack-in.

  5. MrSlapHappy says:

    Hey Guys,

    I found your podcast off the TVGP site and I’ve listened to your January and February podcasts so far. You are funny and have interesting opinions about games.

    I have a gripe though: You have a best soundtrack category and nobody mentions Bastion?

    Bastion is an amazing game with amazing music, it must be listened to. Its on Youtube, its on Steam, its on PS3 and Xbox360, there’s a demo, there is no reason this shouldn’t at least be mentioned. Please, at least check it out.

    I know its early for me to criticize you and I am not asking for a change of decision, I just think you need to at least experience a little of this game.

    Great podcast, I plan to keep listening and to go back through your archive!

  6. Maki says:

    Here’s the thing… We can’t add a game to category if none of us played it. Chuck, Harlo and I all now own Bastion, and yes, the soundtrack is great. But we didn’t know that when we recorded. Keep in mind, we’re just dudes buying all these games with our own money, and to be honest, the demo for Bastion didn’t grab me at all. It’s a game that kind of has a slow burn at pulling you in, and sadly I still haven’t been drawn into it all that much. I guess that makes me different from every review site on the planet…

    Thanks for listening, though! We’re glad you’re enjoying our moronic ramblings!

  7. MrSlapHappy says:

    That is fair and I suspected that was probably the reason and that is totally understandable. I was hoping my response would come off more as “you guys missed a really great game” instead of “WAAAAAH, why didn’t you talk about my game?”

    I do recall not really being grabbed by the demo. In retrospect, the demo does give a pretty good preview of the game but you are right about the slow burn. I was however grabbed by the 1/2 off sale Steam had at some point.

    Thanks for the quick response, keep up the great work!

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