NQcast23 – Ready? Fight!


This episode is (mostly) all about virtual pugilism as we talk Mortal Kombat, WWE All Stars and Fight Night Champion. Also there’s this quirky puzzle/maze game we all played that maybe you’ve heard of. We hear it really takes the cake.

NQcast23 – ‘Ready? Fight!’ Show Notes

First half!

  • Portal 2 (Just like 99% of the world, we really love this game. Controversial, we know!)
  • Mass Effect 3 (BJ predicts it will not be as good, the rest of us vehemently disagree with him.)
  • Playstation Network (Yup, it’s down, and we hate hackers. Controversial, we know!)
  • Mortal Kombat (Once again, we eat crow since this game pretty much rules. Unless you’re going for 1000 achievement points. Then it’s crazy stupid.)
  • Customizing a SF4 joystick (AKA this is how much Harlo enjoyed MK. Paradise Arcade rules, check them out at

Second Half! (44:26)

  • WWE All Stars (Harlo picks it up and the rest of us spend time naming forgotten wrestlers that are not in the game for some reason.)
  • Character Customization (WWE All Stars leads us into a discussion of customizing ourselves into games. Most of the time it involves us making ridiculous amazing things.)
  • Fight Night Champion (Harlo goes nuts and buys yet another game… And loves the story mode a million times more than he figured he would!)
  • Gears of War 3 Beta (Maki and Harlo just can’t get into it. I guess Horde mode will always have our hearts. And chainsaws.)
  • Modern Warfare 2 (Spec Ops still rules and it is still HARD AS HELL on the higher difficulties.)
  • CODBLOPS Call of the Dead (We debate whether it will be any different from the other zombie maps. Probably not.)
  • Mass Effect 2 (Maki beats Insanity mode… And our long national nightmare is officially over.)
  • Mirror’s Edge Time Trial DLC (Maki thinks it still looks amazing, but it is controller-snappingly difficult.)
  • Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island DLC (BJ and Maki enjoy corkscrewing and flatspinning their flying deloreans in the coolest car sandbox ever.)
  • Torchlight XBLA (BJ & Harlo achieve 100% in it! They definitely got their money’s worth.)
  • Magicka (Nobody played Vietnam yet but we figure out some really good spells!)

Value Picks! (1:29:31)

  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Harlo declares it “the best movie-based game of all time.”)
  • Mercenaries 2 (BJ declares it a “sandboxy South America blow-shit-up” game.)
  • Motorstorm (Maki declares this PS3 racing game “an excuse to put you in CRAZY environments.”)

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  1. MusiM says:

    Man I’m late in listening to this! Totally not intentional.

    Yeah now I’m ready to go back and play through Portal 2 again.

    I’m pretty burnt out on the whole PSN thing so I’m happy I didn’t have to listen to another half hour Sony hate session. I’m all for diversity of opinion but man nothing drains me more than that subject. Plus I’m tried of typing on my opinion on the subject.

    If I had more money I would so buy Mortal Kombat but as is I have my one new disc game a month already selected for the entire year. The other problem is I fully intend on getting the bookends edition when I get this game so yeah. I guess the other problem is I’d buy it and then play something I already own instead.

    I’ve never really been an achievement whore mainly because the shit I’m most proud of achieving was either on an old gaming system or there is no achievement for. Plus a lot of the ones I’ve tried made me hate the game I was playing. Assassin’s Creed 2 is probably the only disc game I’ve thousand pointed and I still love that game. Almost want to do it again.

    Bright blue neon mullet! Man that almost makes me want to go back in Home to see it. Almost. I have better things to do with my time that are more entertaining such as staring at the wall.

    Also, you guys have seen this right? I know you guys read comics but in case you don’t know EVERYTHING SAID IS TRUE!

    I about had Harlo’s experience with the 3DS. I had to almost turn the slider almost all the way down to even look at the screen. Luckily I didn’t get a headache. I’ll eventually get one but I seriously doubt I’ll ever use the 3D.

    I’d rag on you guys for not pluggin’ the Carousel while you plug Tiltcast but eh. I don’t need to be liked to like.

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