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Re:(ach) teh Haloz

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During the recording of the last No Quarters it dawned on us that we were recording on a day that many in the video gaming world would regard as a day of high esteem. A red letter day, if you will.  We recorded on the day that a new Halo game came out. And yet, there we were not playing it. How could we continue with our lives not playing this obvious masterpiece? Turns out, a lot of people weren’t playing it.

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Scheduling change

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As we talked about in the latest episode of BMFcast, we are changing our schedule around slightly. What’s this mean to you? That’s why I decided to break this down.

When we started No Quarters we thought we would just alternate our podcasts weekly with the result of each of them being released bi-weekly. Problem is, sometimes we would not have enough to really generate content for NQ since that requires us to have played some games. A gaming podcast where you haven’t played any games or the same old ones doesn’t make for a lot of fun to listen to.  So we’ve decided to back that down to once a month to allow for us to get some gaming in between.

So what’s this mean for No Quarters? Simple. One less episode a month on average. We’ll now do three weeks in a row of BMF to one NQ. We’re also are on a mission to make the posting time a lot closer to when we record. I take most of that blame as life would come up from time to time and the editing process would always get bumped. Now I am going to attempt to always have casts posted on Fridays. Most of the time first thing in the morning but worst case by the end of the day.

We’d also like to welcome anyone coming from Gamers With Casts as we’ve recently been added to their lineup. We hopefully will use the downtime of now casting monthly to focus on updating the site here with more written content which was a goal all along. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s some chaos that needs to happen on Panua Island.

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Super Mario Land rap

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A fine counterpoint to the Those Minerals song. This time it’s old school.

Great work 8bitduane.

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Check out “Those Minerals”

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Just a little something to kick back and listen to while you probe the outer reaches of the galaxy in Mass Effect 2. Great stuff.

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